Atrium Studio

The KW Atrium Studio is located next to the Woodwards Atrium space situated between the entrances of London Drugs and Nesters Market. The Atrium Studio is a 22’ X 30’ studio with glass walls, tons of natural light, high ceilings, and an accessible public washroom. The Studio has a sprung dance floor covered by a seamless dark grey Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor. The KW Atrium Studio is best-suited as a teaching / rehearsal Studio, and a site-specific non-traditional performing space.

The KW Atrium Studio’s maximum capacity is 70 people standing. Audience seating capacity is limited depending on the seating configuration chosen. There are 70 folding chairs available in the KW Production Studio downstairs that may be used for audience seating provided they are not already in use. The KW Atrium Studio currently does not have risers available for chairs. Risers may be rented at the renter’s expense.

Public entrance to the KW Atrium Studio is available through the Atrium Studio doors during open Woodward’s Atrium hours (Monday to Friday: 8AM – 10PM, Saturday: 9AM – 10PM, Sunday: 9AM – 8PM, Stat Holidays: 9AM – 9PM). There is no Public entrance to KW Atrium Studio during closed Atrium hours.

The Atrium Studio has glass walls on three sides. Currently, there are no perimeter curtains. Due to the location of the Atrium Studio, special consideration must be taken as to the overall sound volume loudness and visual content of activity within the Studio.


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