KW Production Studio

The KW Production Studio is in the basement of the Woodward’s Heritage Building and consists of accessible public washrooms; a lockable dressing room with toilet, sink, mirrors, and accessible showers; a servery room with sink; a control room with recording equipment; an isolation recording room; and a large studio with a useable area of approximately 32’ x 50’. The studio has a sprung dance floor covered by a dark grey, seamless, Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor. The KW Production Studio is best-suited as a site-specific, non-traditional performing space / rehearsal space / production studio as there are sight-line obstructions from two 39” x 20” concrete columns.

The KW Production studio is fully soundproofed and has the capability of going to a full black out. This makes it incredibly suitable for audio and video production work.

There are over 40 state of the art theatre lights attached the lighting grid. The lighting grid covers a range of performing area options and is 12.5’ above the floor. The lighting control booth is located on movable scaffolding (6’ H x 7’ W x 7’ D).

The KW Production Studio’s maximum capacity is 175 people standing, audience seating capacity is limited depending on the chosen seating configuration. There are 70 folding chairs available for audience seating. The KW Basement Production Studio currently does not have risers available for chairs.

There are two public accessible washrooms just outside of the studio. There is one dressing room with a sink, toilet, accessible showers, and mirrors. The dressing room is lockable. There is a loading area with a loading dock at the basement level.



General non-technical, rental of KW Production Studio is $30.00 an hour plus GST for Rehearsals.

Rental requiring use of the technical capabilities of KW Production Studio costs $65.00 per hour plus GST (including in house tech) and requires a 4 hour minimum call subject to the terms under Technical Crew.

Rental for Classes / Workshops in which the renter is charging students to attend costs $45.00 per hour plus GST.

Rental for special events which require the use of the basic sound set up and a basic ambient lighting on the ION as set by KW staff costs $35.00 per hour plus GST.

Rental for performances using technical equipment, requiring admission and/or open to the public costs $95.00 per hour plus GST.

Please note that we require a $500 damage deposit as well as general liability insurance either through your organization or through our in-house liability plan for additional charge.

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